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Negotiations started with Aspire Academy

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Aspire Academy is a world-renowned football academy established in Qatar to research and develop Qatari athletes. Aspire Academy, which made its first contact with Sensiball VR, experienced Sensiball VR in this meeting.



There were consultations on how Sensiball VR could be included in their education systems. At the end of these consultations, they conveyed that Sensiball VR is a very productive innovation that supports everyday training. Stating that it can be used comfortably in the preparation and reinforcement of the technical studies learned before and after the training, the Aspire Academy team stated that in addition to these, the Aspire Academy team stated that it is a platform where they can provide rapid development in the processes of concentration, game intelligence development, the development of the ability to read the game quickly and rehabilitation processes after injury.


Deciding to maintain contact with the Sensiball VR executive team, Aspire Academy became the first private enterprise to take concrete steps towards the decision to use the unique technology developed.