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Types of Passing in Football

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The types of passes in football are considered as one of the topics that almost everyone who wants to learn the game of football is curious about. Knowing the types of passes, it is possible to have both theoretical and practical knowledge about football. In this content, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the details of the pass options that can be used while playing football. Moreover, thanks to the tips about the passes, your dominance in the football game will increase!


How Many Types of Passes Are There in Football?


Pass types in football are preferred in order to diversify the game and to enjoy football. More successful results occur thanks to the passing between the team without giving the ball to the opposing team. Below you can take a closer look at both the names of these passes and what they mean technically.


What Are the Types of Passing in Football?


It would be much more accurate to emphasize the names and meanings of passes rather than counting the types of passes in football. In this context, the most frequently used passes are as follows.


Short Pass


The short pass, also known as the short pass, is known as close range passes between the teams. This pass is usually the type of pass that is applied to keep the ball safe and secure in the team.


Long Pass


A long pass is generally a long-range pass that the attacking players choose to change the direction of the game or to throw the ball to the opposing team's furthest player. The purpose of these passes made in the horizontal or vertical direction of the field is to create danger in the opposing goal.


Search Pass


The intermediate pass used by the attacking team is a type of pass that is preferred among the defending players in order to force the opponent and approach the goal. Thanks to this type of pass, the probability of strikers to score a goal increases.


Foot Rust


In football, which parts of the feet players use when passing the ball affect the type of pass. In this context, in-foot pass is accepted as one of the pass options with high hit rate and high speed of the ball.


Out of Foot Rust


Thanks to the pass made with the outer part of the foot, it is possible for the team members to meet the ball when the opponent players least expect it. The shot type, which is similar to this pass type, is called 'Trivela'.


Head Pass


Although it is allowed for players to interfere with the ball with their feet in football, it is also possible to interfere with the head. In this case, transferring the balls from the air to the teammates with the head is considered as a head pass. Head pass is usually preferred after a middle or double fight.


As there are many different types of passes in football, they are also options that will provide advantages for the players. Each pass has its own characteristics and advantages. Football players prefer the most ideal pass and want to dominate the opposing team. For this reason, it is not the type of pass that matters, but its effect in beating the opposing team.