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Metaverse Union is Being Established!

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  Metaverse, which has been mentioned frequently in recent days, is gathered under one roof for the first time in the world. The Metaverse association is established under the leadership of Alphan Manas, the founder and president of the Futurists Association. In the Board of Directors; Metaverse Association, which includes many names from the VR, Blockchain, NFT sectors; While aiming to explain the concept of Metaverse in Turkey, to bring together people interested in these technologies, to educate people on this subject and to reach the right information, it also offers an impartial meeting environment for the formation of partnerships that will yield fast results. The association will host many participants not only from within the country but also from abroad, and for this reason, it will be introduced under the name Metaverse Union.


So where is Sensiball VR in this business?


  It is not possible to talk about the Metaverse and not mention about VR technologies. Uğur Kafadar, CEO of Sensiball VR, one of the founding partners of the association; By contributing to the activities of the association in the fields of VR, wearable technologies and sports, it exchanges ideas with many entrepreneurs there and provides guiding mentorships.


  A great step is being taken for Turkey. In the coming period, we will hear the name Metaverse Union a lot in newspapers and news.


  You can contact us to become a member of the association and to take advantage of the advantages of the association, institutionally or individually.