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Sensibal VR is on the way to Antalyaspor...

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      Uğur Kafadar and Umut Şentürk from the Sensiball VR executive team went to Antalya and started negotiations with Antalyaspor. In this meeting, the executive team who introduced Sensiball VR answered the questions from the Antalyaspor team and received important feedbacks.




    During the meeting, Antalyaspor coach Nuri Şahin, who has an important place in Turkish football, experienced Sensiball VR. Nuri Şahin, one of the first coaches to experience Sensiball VR, stated that it is necessary to keep up with the changing world of football and that Sensiball VR can be a solution to this problem.


     Antalyaspor, which states that it will continue negotiations with Sensiball VR, is curious about the development and progress of Sensiball VR.