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  Sensiball VR continues to negotiate with clubs.FC Mariupol, located in Ukraine's top football league, Premyer-Liha, experienced Sensiball VR's new generation training methods and gave feedback.


  In the meeting held by Umut Şentürk, one of the Founding Partners of Sensiball VR, an interview was held with the players from FC Mariupol.


  In the interview, Umut Şentürk asked the players about Sensiball VR. The players said that there is a process of getting used to it in the first stages, but this process of getting used to is quickly overcome and they can adapt quickly. They also found Sensiball VR very useful. They stated that they could improve especially in increasing the reactions and catching the fast game.

  They said that this is the future of football and that Sensiball VR will make much more progress in the coming period.


  Lastly, Umut Şentürk asked the players the question "Would you buy Sensiball VR, which will go on sale in June?" Yes definitely we would buy it, was the answer we get from all of the football players. They said that in the near future, football players and those who want to be football players will use Sensiball VR at home.