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Sensiball VR Held an Interview With Milliyet Haber!

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Uğur Kafadar, Co-Founder of Sensiball VR, made an Interview with Filiz Dağ for Milliyet Haber. A detailed discussion was held from the foundation story of Sensiball VR to its future. Below you can find Sensiball VR's founding story and questions about the team. Click here to review the news in detail.


“And the step towards tech entrepreneurship… Can you tell us about the whole team that came up with this idea?


Certainly. I believe that we have developed a beautiful product by partnering with the dreams of our dear founding partners. The father of ideas, Assoc. Dr. Ali Onur Cerrah and Prof. Dr. Sensiball VR, which is Ruhi Soylu – didn't have such a name at that time – started commercialization with 4 founding partnerships and took its current form when Umut Şentürk and I joined at the beginning of 2020. Currently, our team has reached 11 people in total, and we anticipate that it will reach 20 people by the end of the year.





Wonderful! What can I say you accomplished with Sensiball VR?


Our aim is to facilitate the work of athletes, coaches and clubs in the process of success with the technologies we have developed. An initiative discovered by you, where we are working together to change the training habits in the world. Although this may seem very easy when I say it, the power behind Sensiball VR is fed by the accumulation of at least 3 years of deep R&D process.


Training in digital or virtual environment. Very interesting. How did you see such a need?


Let me explain… It is very difficult to become a star in football or sports with traditional methods. Because football is a fast team game. Quality players are needed to reach this speed achieved in football as a team. Quality in football is possible with the combination of high technical capacity, game intelligence and performance. A few random positions entered in daily practice or training alone are not enough to achieve a desired level of proficiency.”