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Sensiball VR TRT Haber Interview!

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...Kafadar says "Humans can learn faster with simulations in today's world" and gives the following example:

“For example, you are a ceramic master. There is a very large factory in Turkey, you want to learn ceramics in that factory, you got a job, but it takes 2.5 years to learn it. Why? You need 10 thousand experience to shape a correct ceramic.

You can avoid this situation with haptic technologies. If we can really create the feel of ceramics in your hands when you touch it with virtual reality simulations and haptic technologies, your learning will drop to one in five seconds. This means that what you will learn in 2 years, you will learn in 2 months.”...



...How is football transferred to virtual reality?

Senturk replies as follows:

“When playing football, there are many variables on the normal field. Weather, humidity, wind, weather, angle of arrival of the ball, direction of arrival, speed of arrival… And your reactions to this, from swing speed to swing angle of the foot, all of these affect our contact with the ball incredibly and change it a lot.

It got us thinking a lot about the physics engine as we applied it to VR. Calculating the angle of incidence of the ball in the physics engine, calculating its speed, calculating the angle of impact of the foot… Because it makes contact in a very short interval. And in order to adapt the short-range contact to real life, you need to be able to adapt very serious physics formulas there.”...



You can read the interview in this link prepared by Özge Güngörmüş and İlyas Umut Özacar from the TRT Haber team, and don't forget to watch the video prepared for this interview below!