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Use of Virtual Reality in Sports


 Virtual reality is used in many sports fields such as golf, athletics, football, skiing, etc. Generally, virtual reality comes into play in completing the rehabilitation and recovery process after injury with minimal performance loss. At the same time, virtual reality has begun to be used for technical and performance analysis.



What are the Benefits of Virtual Reality?


 Virtual reality offers unique, engaging and fun ways to train. It contributes to tangible benefits for individuals, and for teams to streamline their training flows and manage their game intelligence together through working together.



Virtual Reality and Performance


 In the new virtual reality era, athletes use virtual reality not only for post-injury recovery, but also to complete their deficiencies by performing performance analysis. Cyclists can use it to get faster, football players can use it to improve their technique, and track and field athletes can use it for performance analysis.



Equipment and Innovation


 The biggest shortcoming when playing sports with virtual reality is a realistic football experience and sense of touch. It is very difficult to hit the ball and improve, especially without creating a realistic football world and combining this with the sense of touch. Sensiball VR is currently developing a solution to this problem with haptic apparatuses that it R&D. Now when you hit the ball you will feel it on your hands, head and feet! Thanks to these apparatus, you will see where you hit the ball, how hard you hit and at what angle! In this way, you will be able to improve your shooting much faster and you will start shooting like the players you dreamed of!



Various Training Methods


 At the beginning, our football players will recognize their deficiencies with the different training methods we have developed and Sensiball VR will analyze these deficiencies and recommend a special training for you! In real life, the number of hits you can make while working on your shooting technique in a training session is considerably less compared to Sensiball VR. Hit the ball, fetch the ball, strike again and repeat the same. No need to waste your time anymore! While working with Sensiball VR, you will be able to meet the ball every 5 seconds! This will improve you much faster than working out in a real-life workout.



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