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What is VR?

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VR refers to the technology known as 'Virtual Reality' in English and accepted as 'Virtual Reality' in Turkish. Thanks to this technology, which enables the interaction of the environment with the VR glasses or mobile devices used, the feeling of being in a 3D simulation arises. In order to make the simulation feel more realistic, technological equipment such as helmets or glasses are used. 'Virtual Reality', which makes people feel like they are elsewhere, is considered an innovative computer technology. Thanks to the sounds, images and effects created by using special software, the virtual world and the real world approach each other. In addition to the helmet or goggles used, hand controls and gloves are also important in VR technology.


What Does Virtual Reality Do?


What does VR mean? Although the question is a subject that needs to be answered for many technology enthusiasts, the most correct way to explain this technology is to consider the areas in which it is used. What is virtual reality in this context? It will be possible to answer the question by showing the following areas where this technology is used. Here are the solutions brought by this unique technology with virtual reality applications!


VR in Shopping and E-commerce Solutions


Today, it is possible to carry out many transactions easily via the internet. One of the most interesting options in this regard is to go on a virtual shopping tour with VR. It is possible to experience shopping thanks to VR solutions used while spending time in the living room or bedroom of the house. This experience, which feels like visiting a store, turns into a very pleasant solution for consumers.


Vehicle Production


The automotive sector is an area where very serious investments are made in R&D studies. For this reason, the sector wants to benefit from technology in the maximum sense in order to achieve better. It is possible to reveal the best quality vehicles thanks to the tools designed using VR technology and the tests carried out. With Virtual Reality, it is possible to reduce the costs by examining the vehicle performance at the prototype stage and making improvements.


Live Events


Where is virtual reality used? One of the best answers to the question will be live organizations. When it comes to a sports competition or a different organization, it is possible for millions of people to follow the organization in the hall where they cannot come together physically. In addition to offering a unique experience, VR is unusual for people, which pushes the physical possibilities.


Health Service


Perhaps the biggest advantage of the use of VR for humanity is the developments in health services. In the field of health, where technology directly affects treatment processes, this situation eliminates risks. Thus, it is possible to perform many treatments and applications. Virtual reality that directly affects public health; It also plays an important role in building a healthier society with technology.


Differences Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are known as concepts that are confused with each other. But VR creates a virtual environment. In other words, it integrates simulation into real life. However, Augmented Reality enables the use of virtual objects in a natural environment. A goggle or helmet is needed for VR technology. However, with AR, it is possible to observe virtual objects without wearing any equipment.


Both technologies bring innovations and advantages to human life. However, it should be noted that the main difference is related to reality.