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Why Virtual Learning Is Better Than Real Learning?

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 Virtual learning, which has entered our lives in recent years, has been on an incredible rise especially in the last 2 years due to the pandemic. People are now able to learn and work much more efficiently from home instead of going to school or work. They make the time they lost in public transportation, on the roads, lunch breaks, etc. more efficient by learning and working remotely.


 So, is virtual learning better than real life learning?



 Flexibility. Because it is highly adaptable, virtual learning can often offer students a better opportunity academically, emotionally and socially. Students have the ability to speed up or slow down their learning according to their own schedules and capacities.


 For example, online workouts can limit sensory overload for slower learners, allow them to repeat workouts if needed, and provide opportunities to dive deeper into evolving interests.


 Also, many find that when workouts can be stretched to suit the time of day when students are most productive, they can better focus on their training and extracurricular activities.



 Efficiency. As we mentioned above, virtual learning styles are one of the basic elements that will increase efficiency. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently interviewed high school students about what they would like to be different about going to school. Most of the students' complaints were about class disruptions and wasted time. Many reported that if learning were more individualized, the time they spent learning would have been halved and they could have learned twice as much.


 With virtual learning, students discovered that they could fit long 8-hour lecture days into 3-4 hours by maximizing their learning time. In the interview, the students said, “The hustle and bustle between classes, the time we spend on the roads, the distractions and waiting for the lessons to start cause us to waste most of our time.” they said.





 You are enough alone. Some school districts have found that many of their older students are taking more challenging classes during the pandemic than they had taken in before. The autonomy of virtual learning was key to their motivation; When students have a broad engaging curriculum to explore, they are driven to learn more, which improves their understanding and academic achievement.



 So, is training in the virtual world enough to improve you on your own?



 We think yes! We will improve you in every way with our wide and different training techniques. We will determine the most suitable training methods for you and support your own development and learning without the need for a trainer.


 At the same time, you must follow a schedule and have the discipline to thrive on your own. Sensiball VR will analyze you and create the right program and you will be able to perform these training programs at the most appropriate time.


 One of the drawbacks of the self-learning technique is the lack of motivation. Your motivation can disappear very quickly and hinder your development. To solve this problem, Sensiball VR offers you a platform where you can have fun while learning, rather than just boring and technical training.


 One athlete transitioning to virtual learning explains: "You have to be motivated and keep track of what tasks you have completed and what you need to do. Progress is up to you."


 With the proven benefits of virtual learning to many athletes and students in today's world, football clubs and schools are looking for ways to provide flexible options that accommodate new learning styles. Sensiball VR is waiting to develop you in the most accurate way by offering solutions in this field!