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We can achieve success in football by doing the right action at the right place and time. In order to reach the level of high technical capacity players with advanced perception and cognitive skills, it is necessary to work on each technique for an average of 10 thousand hours. Today, it is very challenging for professional and amateur athletes to reach an effective working environment and ensure the continuity of the motivation required. SENSIBALL VR is a VR Football platform which analyzes technical and cognitive capacity of a player. Recommends a personalized development program. It gives you the opportunity to compare your progress among other players on the platform. It offers MAXIMUM IMPROVEMENT within most economic way by its innovative and rich training variety. Best part, you can feel the ball touch in real world via our new haptic apparatuses.

We accelerate the development in football between 50-200 times compared to traditional methods (We have been writing the covering scientific articles about this). We increase the market value of the players who use us in the most possible quick way and facilitate, standardize the discovery of new talents all over the world. And also we accelerate the rehabilitation process after injury and make it safest. SENSIBALL VR analyzes and tracks technical, cognitive skill level and suggests a personal development program then reports the development progress back to the user. Thus, it offers the opportunity to compare development progress among other players on the platform.

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