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It is our analytics capability that comes with SENSIBALL PRO and comes as an in-app purchase in our SENSIBALL PT solution.

analyzes and tracks technical, cognitive skill level and suggests a personal development program then reports the development progress back to the user. Thus, it offers the opportunity to compare development progress among other players on the platform.

We can analyze the players through many parameters such as golden touch skill; kicking foot preference; foot swinging and ball speed; accuracy and mistake rate.

Additionally, many other cognitive skills such as effective decision making; decision making under stress; spatial awareness; focusing and concentration; distinguishing complex object movements can be measured. 

In addition, hand reaction and foot reaction of the players can be measured. All cognitive, technical, reaction and physiological parameters can be analyzed and reported under various categories Your individual works, which we analyze with our unique approaches can measure nearly 50 parameters in 20 minutes with a perfection.

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