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To develop football in the virtual world, besides seeing and hearing, a sense of touch is also required; since football cannot be learned without feeling the kicks. Our technology gives this power to its users.
Thanks to our haptic apparatus produced by Sensiball VR and patented, you will feel the ball in the closest way to reality while training in the virtual world, at the same time in the hit areas of your feet, head and hands.

In sports such as football, where technique is very important, one of the vital factors affecting the learning is the sensitivity between two points over skin. The most successful measurement obtained by bringing two distant points on the skin closer to each other at each step determines the level of sensitivity between the two points. As this sensitivity increases - meaning the distance between two referance measurement points decreases - , accuracy and technical ability increase proportionally.Thanks to our haptic apparatus, players can improve their ability to hit the target, learn, control and react by increasing their capacity to sense between two points over skin as they train in SENSIBALL VR. In this way, both technical and cognitive abilities can be increased in proportion to the frequency of training.

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