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For those who cannot reach SENSIBALL VR abilities at home and in the workplace, physical areas will be opened in busy spots where players can test themselves and tranin in addition to their daily work outs. We will open SENSIBOOTHs to target cities in order to make SENSIBALL VR accessible to young football players and related families. So, whether you're a beginner or a pro, you can access SENSIBALL VR from SENSIBOOTHs. In support of field training, they will be able to analyze their progress with SENSIBALL VR and experience the training you need in our virtual world.

Sports schools, universities and youth clubs can facilate SENSIBOOTH for their own trainings, track the levels of their players and make training directions suitable for the targeted development.

Additionally, SENSIBOOTHs can be ordered by clubs and federations to facilate in target regions. Thus, the identification, development and reporting of talents in target cities can be followed.

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